Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask us your questions! Our vision of Jensen Lakes is becoming a reality.  We have put together a list of some of the questions we have been asked.  We invite you to email us your questions and to sign up for our community updates.

Construction & Timing

Do you have Showhomes?

Our Paired Showhomes (Boardwalk Collection), Estate Showhomes (Shoreline Collection), Front Garage Showhomes (Lakeside Collection) and the Sarasota Cobalt Beach Townhomes are Open!  Daytona’s Atlas-t Townhomes are now selling –  click here to learn more.

When will the new schools be open in Jensen Lakes?

Both the Public K-9 & a Catholic K-9 are under construction. The Catholic School is expected to open for the 2018/2019 school year and the Public School is expected to open for midway during the 2018/2019 school year.  Check the links below for details/confirmation on opening dates and registration.

Follow this link for current information/timing about the Public School

Follow this link for current information/timing about the Catholic School

When will the Lake & Beach Club be complete?

Moving Dirt & More! Yep, we are still moving dirt, but the exciting news is that we have a tentative opening date for the lake!  There is a lot of dirt to move for the lake; we have calculated that we need to move about 1 million cubic meters, to put that into context, it is approximately14 million wheel barrel loads!  The excavation and lake bed preparation will continue throughout 2018. In 2019 we will start working on the shoreline treatment, landscaping, docks, tennis courts, playground, and all the “fun stuff” like filling the lake.  We are working towards an opening date of early 2020 for the lake and beach area, just in time for hockey, skating, & hot chocolate by the fire.  If all goes well the beach club building will also be complete in early 2020, with many of the activities and programming in place for the residents.

We are currently finalizing the detailed design and operational elements of the beach area, beach club building, and the programming.  We will share updated renderings and specifics about the programming, rentals, and services once we have finalized the details.

Stay tuned for updates!

Homes, Lots & Builders

What are the architectural home styles?

The architectural styles have been designed exclusively for Jensen Lakes.  The inspiration for the design styles will include: Craftsman, Prairie, Modern Beach, French Country, and Coast Nouveau.

Who are the builders?

Our Builders are Daytona Homes, Augusta Fine Homes, Canyon Spring Homes, Kanvi Homes, Kimberley CustomBuilt, Pacesetter Homes, and Sarasota Homes.  Visit our Browse by Builder page for details and contact information.  Browse By Builder

Can I buy a lot directly from Melcor?

All of our lots will be sold to our designated Builders.

Lake, Beaches, & Beach Club

What activities will be permitted on the lake?

The lake is designed for non-motorized activities: swimming, fishing, canoeing, paddle boarding, kayaking, ice skating, hockey,  ice fishing, and definitely some bubble blowing and splashing.

There are also plans for a concession space, Beach Club room rentals, equipment rentals, and programmed activities.

Are there any fish in the lake?

As long as the sharks don’t eat them first!   But in all seriousness, our hope is to stock the lake with fish, we are currently reviewing the logistics – stay tuned for updates about fishing.

Will there be a restaurant in the beach club?

There are plans for a concession space, but no immediate plans for a restaurant.

What is sand made of?

The most common component of sand is silicon dioxide in the form of quartz. The Earth’s landmasses are made up of rocks and minerals, including quartz, feldspar and mica. Weathering processes — such as wind, rain and freezing/thawing cycles — break down these rocks and minerals into smaller grains.

Can I rent items from the beach club?

The long-term plan is to have rental of some equipment for the beaches and lake from the Beach Club.  We are working on the details and logistics  – stay tuned for updates.

Home Owners Association (HOA)

Will there be an HOA or Homeowner fees?

There will be a HOA for Jensen Lakes and associated yearly fees.

What is an HOA and what does it cover?

All property owners will be members of the HOA.  Each member will be responsible to pay a fee and this fee will be used to cover the maintenance and operations of amenities and assets within Jensen Lakes.  Examples of expenses are property taxes, utilities, insurance, salaries, landscaping, maintenance, program administration, seasonal lighting/decorating, and legal fees for the operation of the Beaches, Beach Club, and Decorative Entry Features.  Extra maintenance of the fencing and landscaping along the main City boulevards is often also included.  An Annual General meeting occurs where the board members are elected, an annual report is provided, and financial statements are reviewed.  Once the amenities are constructed and for the initial few years of operation, Melcor will cover these costs.

How much will it cost homeowners?

The fees have not been set at this time.  The estimated initial fees will be determined closer to the showhome opening dates.  Please check back for updates.